Cursos / 1º Ciclo / / Faculty of Law :: International Relations

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2º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor André Saramago
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor André Saramago

Class type and School hours

Orientação Tutorial : 1 Horas
Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

1) Understand the main dimensions of contemporary world economy and foreign trade and the way in which these constitute a fundamental dimension of international relations; 2) Promote analysis and critical reflection about the world economy and foreign trade, the relations of power that structure them and their main contemporary challenges; 3) Promote critical reflection about the potential future development of the world economy and foreign trade.

Specific Aims/Objectives

The curricular unit has the specific objectives of promoting an understanding of the world economy and foreign trade that is focused on the way that these are structured by relations of power, namely between more and less developed countries, by crises and by dynamics of not only economic, but also political, character.

Skills to be acquired

1) Knowledge of the main dimensions and actors of the world economy and foreign trade, their relations of power, their historical development and current functioning; 2) Understanding of the various theoretical approaches to the world economy and foreign trade in the context of international relations; 3) Understanding of the main challenges facing the world economy and foreign trade; 4) Development of scientific skills of research and critical analysis.

Teaching Procedures

Classes will be based on the exposition of contents accompanied by debate and discussion about the themes under analysis, as well as audio-visual contents. The presentation, analysis and discussion of scientific texts will also form the basis of the tutorial guidance classes, which will have the additional purpose of clarifying doubts.


1. Introduction to World Economic and Foreign Trade
1.1. Why study world economy and foreign trade?
1.2. Historical origins of the study of economy and trade in the 19th century
1.3. Economy and politics

2. Brief historical context
2.1. Mercantilism, industrial revolution and free trade
2.2. Post-second world war and new international economic order
2.3. Washington consensos and globalization

3. Theoretical approaches
3.1. Realist perspectives
3.2. Liberal perspectives
3.3. Critical perspectives

4. International Monetary Relations
4.1. Theoretical approaches
4.2. Balance of payments
4.3. Adjustment policies
4.4. Money, coin, credit
4.5. International Monetary Fund and monetary regims
4.5.1. Dinamics between more and less developed states

5. Foreign trade
3.1. Theoretical approaches
3.2. Production, consumption, trade
3.3. Technological change, productivity and competitiveness
3.4. Multinationals
3.5. World Trade Organization, regional blocks and foreign trade
3.5.1. Dinamics between more and less developed states

4. International development
4.1. Theoretical approaches
4.2. Global North and Global South
4.3. World Bank and international development strategies
4.3.1. Dinamics between more and less developed countries
4.4. Structural adjustment programs
4.5. Microcredit
4.6. The future of development strategies

5. Crises
5.1. Theoretical perspectives
5.2. Crises as economic phenomena
5.2.1. The great crisis of 1929
5.2.2. The great crisis of 2008
5.3. Regulation and liberation
5.4. Economy and environment
5.4.1. Limits to growth
5.4.2. De-growth and sustainable development

Evaluation Type

The assessment of the curricular unit will be continuous and includes:
- Two written tests;
- Frequency / Written exam
- Oral presentation/discussion of articles and chapters;
- One written work
- Attendance and class participation.

Teaching Resources

- Recommended bibliography
- Use of audio-visual contents


- International Relations
- World Economy
- Political Economy
- International Monetary Relations
- International Commerce
- International Development
- Crises
- Environment
- International Economic Actors
- International Society

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