Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Law :: International Relations

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1º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor Paulo Amorim

Class type and School hours

Orientação Tutorial : 1 Horas
Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

The discipline of “History of International Relations” has the general objective of studying the key issues and historical events that marked the development of International Relation, throughout the nineteenth century and the first half of the XX century, in order to understand its evolution and its legacy to the contemporary world.

Specific Aims/Objectives

Basically, each chapter responds to one of the objectives of the curricular unit.
The contents of the program are designed to endow students with the specific knowledge in the area of the History of the International Relations. Teaching of the matters specified in the program allows students to provide the methods necessary to envisage and explain international phenomena by the historical analysis of the behaviour of the International System actors.

Skills to be acquired

Ability to understand and analyze the reasons behind international conflicts;
Understand the diplomatic and political developments related with international relations;
Integrate teams working in the area of international relations and culture, locally, nationally and internationally.

Teaching Procedures

Since the lessons are both theoretical and practical, it is intended to be interactive, encouraging oral interventions on the programmatic themes, writings, etc.., besides encouraging the use of multimedia. Tutorial orientation sessions intend to individually monitor each student, guiding their study and the development of works and scientific researches.


. Introduction
II: Theoretical and conceptual framework
III. Modern Age vs. Contemporary Age
1. The affirmation of liberalism
2. The anglo-french dispute by European hegemony
3. The pax britannica and the balance of power
IV. Nationalism vs. Imperialism
1. National movements and the crisis of empires
2. Colonialism: European hegemonic rivalries
3. The preponderance of Germany and the european balance
V. The mid-20th century: War vs. World Order

Evaluation Type

The evaluation system is carried out according to the rules defined in Lusíada Universities’ “General Regulations for Knowledge Evaluation”. In this sense, is taken into account the continuous assessment, including attendance, participation, achievement of works, mini-tests, among others

Teaching Resources

Retroprojector - Acetates
Computer and datashow
Analysis of specific documentation


International Relations

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