Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Law :: International Relations

Versao Portuguesa


2º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor André Saramago
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor André Saramago

Class type and School hours

Orientação Tutorial : 1 Horas
Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

The curricular unit has three general objectives: 1) Promote the understanding of the main dimensions of the contemporary world economy and how it constitutes a fundamental aspect of international relations; 2) Promote the analysis and critical reflection about the world economy, analysing some of its main contemporary challenges; 3) Promote critical reflection on the potential future development of the world economy.

Specific Aims/Objectives

The curricular unit’s specific objectives are to promote: 1) The understanding of how different theoretical positions approach and inform the world economy; 2) The understanding of the historical development of the world economy; 3) The understanding of the main institutional frameworks of the world economy and their functioning, as well as of its main actors; 4) The understanding of, and critical reflection on, the main challenges faced by the contemporary world economy.

Skills to be acquired

The curricular unit seeks to transmit the following skills: l) Knowledge about the main institutions and actors of the world economy, their historical development and contemporary functioning; 2) Understanding of the relation between the world economy and international relations; 3) Understanding of the main challenges faced by the world economy and capacity for critical reflection about them; 4) Development of scientific skills of research and critical analysis.

Teaching Procedures

Classes will be based on the exposition of contents accompanied by the debate and discussion of the themes under analysis, as well as of audio-visual based contents. Highlight will be given to the use of PowerPoint and to making available online contents via Moddle. The analysis and presentation of scientific texts by the students will also be promoted in the tutorial orientation classes, which will have the additional purpose of clarifying doubts.


1. Historical and Theoretical Background
1.1. Institutional framework of the world economy
1.2. Realist perspective
1.3. Liberal perspective
1.4. Critical perspective

2. International Monetary Relations
2.1. The Bretton Woods system
2.2. European monetary system
2.3. Balance of payments
2.4. The exchange rates market

3. International commerce
3.1. WTO
3.2. Multinational corporations
3.3. Production and international commerce
3.4. Regional blocks

4. International Development
4.1. Institutional framework of the international assistance to development
4.2. Structural adjustment programs
4.3. Microcredit
4.4. The future of development strategies

5. Crises
5.1. Crises as an economic phenomenon
5.2. The Asian crisis from the 90s
5.3. The great crisis of 2008
5.4. Regulation and liberalisation

6. Economy and Environment
6.1. Limits to growth
6.2. Metabolic rift
6.3. A civilisational crisis
6.4. De-growth and sustained development

Evaluation Type

The assessment of the curricular unit will be continuous and includes:
- Two written tests;
- Frequency / Written exam
- Oral presentation/discussion of articles and chapters;
- Attendance and class participation.

Teaching Resources

- Recommended bibliography
- Use of audio-visual contents


- International Relations
- World Economy
- Political Economy
- International Monetary Relations
- International Commerce
- International Development
- Crises
- Environment
- International Economic Actors
- International Society

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