Cursos / 2º Ciclo / Institute of Psychology and Educational Sciences :: Clinical Psychology

Versao Portuguesa

DISSERTAÇÃO - 2018/2019

2º curricular year
Semestralidade: annual
ECTS: 30


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor Paulo Moreira
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor Paulo Moreira

Class type and School hours

Orientação Tutorial : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

Specific Aims/Objectives

Skills to be acquired

Teaching Procedures

The teaching methodology will combine expositive, demonstrartive and participative methodologies. The curricular contents will be explored using oral exposition, data-show, scientific databases, statistical softwares use and monitoring of the the process of developing each student´s thesis. Group discussion and articles analysis and discussion will play a central role.


Part I – The research problem formulation
The sources and the scientific writing
Ethical questions in the research process
The inductive and deductive process of knowledge construction
The literature review
The variables identification and definition
The objective of the research
The hypotheses formulation
Part II – The methodology
The research approach (qualitative, quantitative and mixed)
The research design
The participants
The instruments
The procedures (data collection and data analysis)
Part III – The results
Results description (in tables and in text)
The results significance (statistical and clinical significance)
Part IV – The discussion of the results
The integration and the contribution of the results into the current state of the knowledge
The contributions of the results to the state of knowledge
The results practical implications
The research limitations
Part V – The results communication (in thesis, article, poster and oral presentation)

Evaluation Type

Teaching Resources


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Complementary Bibliography

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